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Here I

Hey, My Beautiful Elsha Cecilia. Your friends and family used to call me el, elsha, or cha. I was born in Jakarta on December 26, 1988. During the 3 years I lived in Salemba, Central Jakarta with his mama and daddy, then when I step on the age of 4 years my family planned to move to Cimanggis, Depok, and also a place I lived until today. I was the first child of two brothers. Papa worked as a private employee, and now he was assigned to work in a coal company in Kalimantan, while Mom is a homemaker.

From the age of 6 years I went to school in the Islamic Sd PB Sudirman until junior high school in the area Cijantung. Since childhood I really like and also where to meet new people, including new friends, playing with friends and have a new social environment and very pleasant area, including especially my little boy can not just say anything. Spending time with close friends allowed me to find a new life and not boring, I am quite karna child who always wanted to know.

When asked the ideal possible at the time I was sitting at my primary school would respond to being a pediatrician, karna besides I like my little boy is also very curious about how I treat and help prevent the patient can recover from the disease until the 4th grade when I entered kesebuah Sd organized activities of the school learning to be a small doctor.

Turned out to be a little doctor is not easy also occur if there is one mistake could be fatal consequences because I've had the first experience when caring for a friend who fainted during Monday's flag ceremony should I just give him the smell of eucalyptus oil to provide a scent that he be aware, however, applying a balm under my nose and when he realized he was too hot. Quite embarrassing experience when the mind is and once enough to do so, his name is also the primary school children.

Over time and has stepped up it's changed the ideals of a little boy who never wanted to become a pediatrician has now turned karna will be taking a path in the economic field, karna I'm living now in college majoring in accounting in private universities in Depok namely Gunadarma University.

Taking science and learning in the economic field is very enjoyable in addition to knowing about things pertaining to general knowledge about the economy, the economy could be a practice that is applied in everyday life, because with it I could figure out how to manage your finances well besides that, it is unlikely that in everyday life I can get off in terms of economic activity.

Many of the more studied economics, I could be more disciplined in managing life and finances, and more appreciative of what he called an effort and sacrifice karna to get something that I want is always there behind the effort and sacrifice of the word.

At this time I was studying it in the economic field, but sometimes I'd think to be an entertainer whether it be a presenter or a model but I do not really have much talent that field. If it was not my path to perform in front of the screen, I also want to be behind the scenes that clearly went into the entertainment world, behind the scenes can pour my creative ideas to develop a story or be a director. Being a woman with a lot of talent, including my greatest desire as well.

About my hobbies and pleasures like a walk, discover new things from each journey as I travel when I went to a small island near Sumatra, which still includes the island of Sumatra, the small island called the island Sikuai, I went with family there so beautiful and exotic white sandy beaches and sea-blue gradation is also very quiet place because not too crowded with tourists and there are still many indigenous people who settled there minang. The beach was very similar to the beach on Phi Phi island in Thailand.

In addition to the streets like there was more I liked the movie I usually like to watch horror type movies, action, love drama, and of course comedy. Swimming and running in the morning, including the usual things I do as well in addition to fresh brain, health was maintained. Make a plan, go out to a place where shopping, hanging out with my friends, looking for new things and also listen to music r 'b, rock, and jazz is a way to ward off and overcome all problems and boredom that sometimes struck me often practically including drugs and saturated stress reliever. and also

What I like about me is I want to learn to become an independent woman and to accept shortcomings and not ashamed to improve themselves by instropeksi, karna with that I can become a better person again. sometimes becomes first child sorang get me thinking to become more assertive. I also included the woman's true perfectionist nature has more value for myself but also to make me a little uncomfortable making, karna there is no perfect person in this world. I am grateful to grow as a woman who dared to vote and risk for what I have chosen for my life. The motto was always my rule is I have to always see the reality that life is not far from God's plan and is a choice no matter what the pros and cons of life as it is a choice and the gift of life.!

The words I write are some stories about me, if there is one word and ask the pardon can tolerate. Thank you for reading all this.

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