Senin, 04 Januari 2010


My Future Husband

Hi , I’m elsha . I wanna tell you about my future husband ..

The first we must know about woman and man…
Woman is a sensitive human,touchable,loveable and care. If we compare ,a man is a human who have thick skin of any problem,isn’t sensitive,cruel, riot,and the plus is logical.
The man is smart than a woman,I think that’s logical,
Woman is very details for anything ,and man isn’t details.
so yup,because differential make them so close,know each other and of course mutual completely.
That’s my descriptions about man and woman.

Okey let’s we start to the topic,about my future husband.
As we know some people find her true love or husband just see from his appearance,face,and of course his wealthy. But for me my future husband is must smart,socialize, workharder, can appreciated each other,know me and my family very well,and then he is a good boy.
You know what I mean good ,you know good .
It means like he know how to treat me like a woman,ladies. His attitude is very very important to me. If his attitude is so bad to me,maybe my life will broke not only me but my children for my future.
I will make a distance,because for to be my husband, he must care to family,can be a chairman for his wife and can be good father who’s care with his children and we always traveling what I’m wanna go.
If he’s good one or Mr. Right for me. He will never hurt me and can’t bullying from mental and phisycs.
because his attitude,attitude is the most important for me.
The second is smart, my future husband must be smart,because if he’s smart .we can learn something together. We can speak from A-Z, it can make our relationship so close and good. We can know each other , he know me well,understand me,loves me, and complete my world..i think he can change my whole life, and my world with full of beautiful many colours,makes me like superhuman,makes me strong and struggle to our life . it makes better.
The third is socialize, with socialize, we can mutually need each other. Socialize make my family and him can close and good relationship and he has so many friends who can help if our relationship has a problem.
The last is workharder, he can be money maker,I mean although I’m as carrer woman ,he must work for our life ,with that we can life more comfortable,wealthy,and can maintenance our necessity of household.because I see on tvnews ,there’s so much criminal ,divorce from family just because economic reasons . and I don’t want to be like that.
So wealthy life is important too,but the most important is how to pursuit happiness for your family,make your family get liberty,and feel what a life !!!!

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