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Good Experience
Cupid Does Exist !
My sister vinda, has always made my life easier, when I just turned 13, she was able to persuade my parents to allow me to attend parties. With the help of my dear sister who patiently tutored me, I could get high grades school. However, her greatest achievement was finding the love of my life.
Vinda was still 19 when she got engaged to Anton, who later on became her husband. She would often bring her fiancé to have dinner with us at our home. One evening, Anton brought his handsome cousin, Armand. The moment I saw Arman, I started to tremble. I got even more nerveous when he introduced himself to me. I was overwhelmed by his charm. I was speechless but I could cleverly hide my feelings from anyone. Except of course, from my dear sister, vinda !
I was glad that I could get along so well with Armand. He was nice to me. However, our age gap seemed huge at the time. I was still 14 while Armand was already a college student. Naturally, Armand treated me like a brother treats his little sister. When I turned 16, he attended my “sweet sixteen” birthday party and gave me a soft, fluffy toy kitten. When I enrolled at university, he even assisted me through the whole registration process. With his help, I was able to handlethe complicatedadministration stuff without any problem.
However , as the years rolled on, Armand and I gradually became distant. I totally lost touch with him. Then I heard from vinda that he had gotten enganged. I was kind of disappointed, but not for long, since I met evan who was truly a nice guy. He could take my mind off Armand. Honestly, I started to think Armand again. I even yearned to see him to find out whether there was a chance for me to be more than just his little sister. My heart was aching. It made me feel guilty towards my boyfriend.
Suprisingly , I found out that Armand’s engagement didn’t workout either. As expected, vinda who had gotten married to Anton by that time, decided to work her magic. Thanks to vinda, my wonderful cupid, I was reunited with Armand. Only this time I was no longerhis little sister, I was his sweetheart. I was extremely happy.well, I must say when vinda does a job, she surely does it well

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