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Written by ELSHA INDAH CECILIA on January 6, 2010 – 3:41 pm

,,,,,, Horeeeeeeeeeeeeee vacation has arrived,,,, finally, could leave the all the fatigue, headaches, and congestion Jakarta.Liburan city this time will be fun, because the vacation to the beach this time!! I love beach …. Hehehe … Reef Aji’s beach is a place situated near the port of queens, a place of legend and mistis.hehe .. it’s good! Once inside the hotel area, directly visible expanse of sea and the waves seen awful. So, later in the building behind the hotel, we will find white sand beaches and granite rocks again. Make a right to swim can swim and the roll with the waves, but be careful because the waves here is very strong and very large flow of charm. but still we can enjoy it. Oh, yes … the concept of this hotel is the resort. So take your pick, which one to house in the occupied

This beach is beautiful, quiet and still “wild”, because not done bnyk inn and do-know about this place … the morning was greeted with a beautiful sunrise and wrote songs melodious waves reply ,,,,, thanks GOD! Really delicious this place . In the sea there are some surfer wrote trying to find waves off the sea .. so cool their style,, hahaha,,, stomach slim, sturdy body, brown skin,,, (IRI MODE: ON) hahahha,,,, oh yes breakfast here it is fun to shop directly at the fish market was not far reply from the hotel and can directly choose the fish we like reply, calm fish here is very fresh because it directly on the sea and can dr … affordable. fun is not it?? hehehe.after breakfast straight sea, huuffftt,,, the weather is very sunny day and the sun was so friendly …!

In addition to the coral beach aji, harbor queen had another beautiful beaches reply is not too far away, about 45 minutes, Beach Sawarna name, this beach called “Paradise beach”. The beach is flat and wide. Blue-green seawater. On one side of the beach, the creek flows between rocks of granite. Existing infrastructure and viewing post only a few ’stop’ to sit down at pantai.SUNGGUH PERFECT! Afternoon hehehe … this place is really fun and memorable, sunset at the most perfect place,, krn we see the wide ocean with There was a calm atmosphere … clean … fresh … …. beautiful! :)

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