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How A Film Is Made

How many times have you seen a film on TV or in a house? Have you ever thought of how a certain film is made? Have you ever wondered where the idea comes from? Generally, the film starts from an idea which usually comes from either the director or the writer.
After designing the story, a film script is written. A script is divided into three stages, starting with a short outline, which is developed into a more detailed outline, until it becomes a complete shooting script. Who will finance the shooting script into becoming a film? This is one of the hardest parts of film-making. Funds can come from a major studio, a large business organization or a group of companies or private investors.
But funds and an available script are not enough. A pre-production process is needed. It includes casting, finding locations, building sets and making costumes. After that the production, which is the actual shooting of the film, is the next step which can last from three months to over a year.
Editing, adding the soundtrack and dubbing or subtitling are among the post-production processes. How to make a film known to the public? That’s the job of the marketing people who have to do several things from advertising in radio, TV and magazines to holding interviews with the film stars.
Finally, the film is released to the audience after it is given a certificate. The success of a film can be seen from the size of the audience in the movie theaters or the number of videos rented. If it is a success or has even become a box office, then the actor or the actress of the film can be the luckiest person who can become famous and, of course, rich . but a film made on a big budget is no guarantee that the film will be a financial success


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